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About us

Who are you?

A team of mechanical engineers with real world experience. We have been through the process of taking ideas and developing them all the way to materialisation and onto volume production numerous times and in various industries.

Our various backgrounds allows us to bring different ideas and skills to your project. It also means that any hurdles that are presented will have been seen, and overcome, before.

We are not just CAD monkeys (despite the monkey images), not just draughts people, not just hackers with a 3D printer. We are degree educated, professional engineers. That is to say that we each already hold a Chartership in Engineering.

How can you help us?

If you have an idea for a product/invention/iterative improvement – give us a call. We’ll give you free advice on how to get it from ‘just an idea’, into your hands.

If you’re part of a company who needs mechanical engineers to come up with parts to go with what you are already producing – give us a call. We’ll give you free advice on how to get it onto your production line.

If you have a team of mechanical engineers who are struggling with their current work load, or have skills gaps (see our Services page) – give us a call. We’ll give you free advice on how to increase your current engineering resource or resolve the skills shortage.

Where did the name MonkProjects come from?

We’re often asked this. The thinking was that, along the lines of a Skunk Works® team, we are an agile team who aren’t held back by organisational procedure and ‘red tape’. Of course, we have procedures, but we keep them up to date, relevant and efficient to allow us to focus on the engineering and make valuable progress .

As a child, our founder was fond of monkeys, their considered cheekiness and love for fun.

Marry the two together and we came up with MonkWorks… OK so it’s a little close to Skunk Works®, hence MonkProjects.

Skunk Works® is a registered trade mark of Locheed Martin and has no connection to MonkProjects


CTO of Cambridge based Medical Device Company:
[Client] have worked with Ben for some years. I would absolutely recommend him. He has supported us as a consultant on a number of projects and has proven capable and reliable. He is a pleasant and honest person to work with, and takes responsibility for delivering on any commitments. His input to [client] has included mechanical design and development as well as the sourcing of custom components.
Airworthiness Engineer and Flight Test Engineer:
Ben was my main point of contact for the development of a [mounting project on a] helicopter project. He was at all times professional and very accommodating to our quite demanding requirements. When faced with issues during development and testing he was very proactive in providing a sound engineering solution within tight deadlines. I would gladly recommend Ben to anyone who requires engineering services for a similar specialised project.