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MonkProjects designs products from verbal briefs, sketches and requirements, or by taking initial designs, and readying them for manufacture. With many years experience in the security, scientific and consumer industries, all our designs are robust, detailed designs which meet the high expectations of the users.
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With over ten years’ experience in the engineering industry, the team provides high quality, unbiased, engineering consultancy. This includes the creation and administration of product data management (PDM) systems, revision control, design for manufacture (DFM) and helping your engineering team to achieve their maximum potential  to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency.
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Assessment and Evaluation

MonkProjects provides  professional assessment and evaluation services to assist with projects that are based on existing items or data sets. Bring our highly qualified team to improve the value of your data allowing better, more accurate, information to filter down to the rest of your project.

Project and Production Management

Engineering projects need to be managed well to ensure that solutions are both on time and in budget. MonkProjects will help you to ensure your projects reach completion efficiently and effectively every time either through in-company project management or through production management using specialist manufacturers to deliver final products to you or your customer. Production can be small or large scale using a wealth of manufacturing partners who are all proven to MonkProjects over many years.

Technical Documents

Let the MonkProjects team bring their extensive experience in writing technical documents, including system requirements documents, product datasheets, trials plans and inspection documents to your project. With these documents, your project will have focus, a full appreciation of what is required and will in turn be useful across the company, from engineering teams, sales teams and of course production teams, and will support marketing & sales departments.

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If you are just starting out on a project, or if you already have a design, it is good to get a physical example in your hands. Be it a prototype, a proof of concept or first off MonkProjects will assist you in producing it. We have a huge amount of experience in rapid prototyping both with model makers who produce production standard parts without the outlay of tooling, with machining companies who can turn around parts within days and with additive manufacturing using the latest 3D printers.