How we do what we do

Every project starts with an idea.

This idea is only that, an idea. It needs to be worked through, thought about and critically analysed.

Will it work? How will it work? How best to achieve the goal?

When the first stage of thinking is done the planning starts. Without a solid plan the project will go round and round in inefficient circles. The thinking doesn’t stop though.

What are my resources? What are the features? Where is the value?

With a keen eye for detail and a deep desire to do the job right the project will go smoothly, errors are eliminated, risks reduced. Communication throughout the team must be clear and concise to ensure messages are conveyed without noise.

Has the brief been met? Is it in budget?

When the first deliverables are delivered the team must be on hand to drive the project forward, finding opportunities for improvement and taking responsibility for the first constructions. This way their plans and ideas are realised and any issues are resolved before the continuation of deliveries.

When this is produced in larger quantities will it go smoothly? Can any improvements be made? Is the customer satisfied?